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  Raiford Gallery, a seven time winner of the Niche Award - Top 100 Retailers of Handmade American Craft.  
Baby Bracelets
Around About with Leather
Judie Raiford Bangles
Blue Topaz Necklace
Orbit Bangles
Chinese Calligraphy Earrings
Corrugated Pear Gold Filled Earrings
Diamond Rings
Domed Heart Necklace
DooDah Rings
Gold Filled Earrings
Gold Filled Heart Necklace
Gold Filled Necklace
Heart Cufflinks
Hook Pendant Necklace With Amethyst
Hook Pendant Necklace With Citrine
MOPE  Earrings
MOPE Earrings
Natural Surface Black Garnet Ring
Opal Ring
Pear Shaped Gold Filled Earrings
Peruvian Opal Sharks Tooth Necklace
Ribbon Bracelet
Sandblasted Peruvian Opal Necklace
Shinto Labradorite Necklace
Spiral Necklace
Stella Cross Gold Filled Cross Earrings
Sue Pearl Bracelet
This N That Necklace
Touch Of Romance Earrings
Triple Strand With Hearts Necklace
Turnstile Necklace
Turquoise Necklace
Urban Barbed Bangles And Ring
Zen Orbit Necklace
Circles 3 Grads Earrings
3 Strand Pearl Necklace
3 Circles Leaf Earrings
Amethyst Necklace
Ammonite Necklace
Amethyst Geode Necklace
Around Again Bracelet
BBG Ring
Black Coral Necklace
Black Druzy Pearl Necklace
Blue Topaz Ring
Close But No Cigar Bracelet
Citrine Earrings
Citrine Bracelet
Corrugated Bracelet
Corrugated Circle Earrings
Corrugated Heart Necklace
Corrugated Heart Earrings
Corrugated Link Bracelet
Corrugated Square Earrings
Crossover Ring Amethyst  SS 14K
Dale Necklace
Denver Sails Necklace
Druzy Earrings
Druzy Earrings
Druzy Earrings
Druzy Necklace
Druzy Pearl Earrings
Flower Power Earrings
Flower Power Necklace
Gold Filled Circle Earrings
Gold Filled Heart Earrings
Gibeon Meteorite Ring
Gold Ring
Hammered Cuff
Hammered Necklace
Hematite Heart Pearls Necklace
Hunky Dorey Necklace
Jane Heart Necklace
Jasper Heart Necklace
Labradorite Necklace
Labradorite Necklace
Lapis Necklace
Lava Bracelet
Lava Necklace
Lin Earrings
Mens  Bracelet
Moms Hammer Earrings
Moore Bracelet
Net Net Heart Necklace
Pearl Bracelet
Pearl Necklace
Pearl Rings
Pearls With Turquoise Necklace
Peridot Ring
Random Theory Bangle
Rescue Bracelet
Roser Necklace
Rough Aquamarine Ring
Rucky Pearl Necklace
Shield Squared Earrings
Spiral Necklace
Stalactite Slice Pearls Necklace
Stella Cuff
Stella Earrings
Touch Of Romance Amethyst Earrings
Tour Ring
Turquoise Druzy Necklace
Turquoise Bracelet
Unisex Rings
Vienna Necklace
Wide Appliqued Cuff
Wilson Bracelet
Wobble Cuffs
Zen Day Mashup Citrine X Earrings
Zen Day With Pearls Earrings
Agate Citrine Amber Necklace
Amber Box 925  24k Necklace
Amethyst Geode Necklace
Ammonite SB-Box Necklace
Ammonite Dinosaur Bone Necklace
Applique Wedge Cuff
Asian Graphic Earrings
Baguette Necklace
Bark Necklace
Baroque Pearl Necklace
Bracelet Watch
Chinese Calligraphy Necklace
Circle Dot Square Necklace
Coin Pearl Earrings
Cross Necklace
Crotch Hugger Ring
Drusy Earrings
Face Necklace
Ginko RaRa Earrings
Gold Filled Chateau Earrings
Gold Filled Earrings
Gold Filled Earrings
Gold Filled Earrings
Gold Rings
Graphic Cuff
Hammered Cuff With Gold Ball
Hammered Sue Bracelet
Hem Heart Necklace
Hidden Star Bracelet
Jasper Heart Necklace
Kim Heart Bracelet 925 24k
Kyanite Necklace
Labradorite Earrings
Labradorite Necklace
Lapis Bracelet
London Blue Topaz Ring
Marilyn Earrings
Multi Strand Bracelet
Naught Necklace With Pearls
Oh Dear Earrings
Orbit Earrings
Overlap Lapis Ring
Oyster Earrings
Paddle Earrings
Party Girl Bracelet
Pearl Swirl Necklace
Random Fusion With Peridot Necklace
Random Fusion Necklace
Random Fusion Bracelet
Random Fusion Flat Ring
Random Theory Cuff
Random Theory Hoops With Tabs Earrings
Random Theory Ring
Rectangle Hammered Necklace
Rucky Pearl Necklace
Ruff Surface Quartz With Tourmaline
Shark Tooth Necklace
Shinto Earrings
Spiral Necklace
Square With Citrine Ring
Star Bracelet
Star Necklace
Stella Earrings
Stella Necklace With Turquoise
Stoned Over The Edge Bracelet
Tic Toc Pearl Earrings
Tigers Eye Pyrite Wood Necklace
Topaz Ring
Traveling Squares Necklace
Two Tone Cuff Bracelet
Unisex Bracelet
Watermelon Tourmaline Necklace
Wilson Bracelet
Wishbone Earrings
Wonderstone Face Necklace
Wrap Bracelet
Judie Raiford Citrine Necklace
Judie Raiford Sharks Tooth And Pearl
Judie Raiford - Fancy Necklace
Judie Raiford Gold Filled Cuff
Judie Raiford - Wild Friday Heart
Judie Raiford - Tourmaline Slice Ring
Judy Raiford Rold Gold Band
Judie Raiford Sterling Crosses
Judie Raiford Jane Heart  Pendant
Judie Raiford - Nefertiti's Wake Up Call Bracelet
Judie Raiford - Bangle on Bangle
Judie Raiford - Pearl Spiral Necklace
Judie Raiford - Cross on Turquoise Beads
Judie Raiford
Judie Raiford - Stalactite slice on Pearls
Judie Raiford - Cuffs
Judie Raiford - Maggie Double Twist Necklace
Judie Raiford - Fancy Necklace
Judie Raiford - Long Water drops with pearls
Judie Raiford Necklace
Judie Raiford
Judie Raiford - Goddess Pendant
Judie Raiford - Lyric Ring
Judie Raiford - Boulder Opal Pendant on Beaded Necklace
Judie Raiford - Waldo's Dream Ring w/Garnet
Judie Raiford - Fancy Necklace
Judie Raiford - Turkish Delight Ring
Judie Raiford - Moonstone Ring with Blue Topaz
Judie Raiford
Judie Raiford
Judie Raiford - Natural Surface Citrine Ring
Judie Raiford - Natural Surface Amethyst Ring
Judie Raiford  - Tourmaline in Quartz Ring
Judie Raiford
Judie Raiford - Amethyst Ring
Judie Raiford - Ring
Judie Raiford  - Tourmaline in Quartz Ring
Judie Raiford - Wishbone Necklace
Judie Raiford
Judie Raiford - Curly Girl Necklace
Judie Raiford - Garnet Ring
Judie Raiford - Chinese Calligraphy Heart Pendant
Judie Raiford - Gold Filled Bracelets and cuffs
Judie Raiford - Aquamarine Cat Pendant
Judie Raiford Boiler Chip Circle Pendant
Judie Raiford - Bypass Ring with Peridot
Judie Raiford - Crotch Hugger Ring  with Peridot, Amethyst, London Blue Topaz
Judie Raiford - Jasper Cross on Pearls
Judie Raiford - Picasso Marble Pendant
Judie Raiford - Picket Boiler Chip Necklace
Judie Raiford - 3 and 1 Labradorite Necklace
Judie Raiford - Doodah Ring
Judie Raiford - Amethyst Stalactite Slice Slide Pendant on
Judie Raiford
Judie Raiford - Asian Round Pendant on Pearls
Judie Raiford - Stella Earrings
Judie Raiford - Rutilated Quartz over Lapis
Judie Raiford - Azurite Malachite
Judie Raiford - Watermelon tourmaline ring
Judie Raiford - Spessartite Garnet 14k, 22k, .925
Judie Raiford - Double Spiral with Peruvian Opal
Judie Raiford - Shark's Tooth with Jasper
Judie Raiford - Earrings "Make Me A Pair."
Judie Raiford - Black Onyx Cuff
Judie Raiford - Black Tourmaline in Quartz
Judie Raiford - Moon face pendant on pearls
Judie Raiford - Red Jadeite on pearls
Judie Raiford - 5 Strand Pearl bracelet
Judie Raiford - Satin Grooved with granulation cuff
Judie Raiford - Tiger's Eye Pendant
Judie Raiford - Turkish Delight Ring with Peridot & 14k gold
Judie Raiford - DooDah RIng with Peridot
Judie Raiford - Druzy pendant w/24k gold on Black Onyx
Judie Raiford - Moon face pendant on white pearls
Judie Raiford - Natural surface lapis & pearl ears
Dale Geo Earrings
Apache Gold Donut Pendant
Red Coral Pendant
Smoky Quartz Pendant
Hammered GF Circle with Pearls
Labradorite Pendant on Pearls
Mook Jasper Pendant
Drusy  Pendant on Pearls
Drusy  Pendant on Pearls
Five Metal Double Necklace
Drusy  Pendant on Pearls
Tourmalated  Quartz
Asian Styled Pendant
Blue Topaz
Double Twist Lynne Necklace
Drusy on Pearls
Natural Surface Black Jade
Brown Drusy Earrings with Pearl +24k
Bronze Pendant
Natural Surface Lapis
Natural Surface Lapis with Pearls
Psilomelane Earrings
Star of David
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